2020 in America

America in 2018 is still on the edge


DJT has done a lot toward a better America in 2020. But he has been unable to stop the Media and now the Mega Internet Companies from out right controlling what America thinks. Each day there are actions to stop anyone conservative from speaking using the social internet media. Each day Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN and many others control what users see and what users can interact with others.


See these Ben Garrison Cartoons

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They are calling all conservative opinions hate speech. What we have seen is DJT Actions have done more for AMERICA since Reagan era. But because of DJT’s flamboyant personality and political cunningness, many of the American people appear not to want a strong America with a vibrant economy . The 2018 election is showing signs of DJT annoyance. My hope is for it to continue for DJT.

They all did it????

They all did it????

As seen from the DJT is battling everyone including his own party. The Deep State is alive and well. No one has to guess as to whether it exist any more.