America not No1

America not No#1

Flag in distress

Flag in distress

Last September, by the actions of this president we gave the mantle over to the Russian. They now are No#1. The Russian can do what ever they want in the middle east and now Syria is a satellite of Russia. And now as a nation we have set the stage for the Israeli to be defeated. And since we as a nation are not helping Israel, I doubt if God has much more need for the USA.

Without a war, there is no turning back. This President and his administration have demoted us on so many fronts. Too many to list here.

We were a Christian nation. But now we are the nation of abortions, pornography, and so called free will. Our constitution is just paper. As a country we have displaced it for what feels good. Our judges are legislators, and our legislators are divided is so many factions, and political correctness. A body with no head and no compass.

And I am as guilty as most American. It was only this week I found out about document that is so essential to our nations beginnings and what lead to our constitution and bill of rights.

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We were definitely a Christian nation working for God, growing in God and the bible is the rock our constitution was structured around.

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