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Hi- danwillie Blogger and Dan Frantz webmaster here. The is blog and 5 other blog are maintained authored and edited by me. There is no team, just me. This has been a great ride being active in the the Trump election. I do get some help from Ben Garrison’s cartoons. He always seems to be thinking on my wavelength when comes to putting out another post. So you will find many of his cartoons in my post. This site has a lot of reference materials in the pages and I have been writing for 5 years on this blog. I started this when I seen that if the liberals continue to destroy the fabric of America, erode the constitution, that as a country as we knew would be gone. 5 years ago the thought was by many, we would be 5 nations. Or at war again. When Donald Trump came along and brought on Mike Pence and started formulate policies for the Make America Great Again, I seen a possibility that American Freedom could be renewed and the constitution used to guide our country again.



Its been a tough fight with Google and Microsoft. And lately I thought I would have problems with WordPress and their requiremment for SSL and Certificates. This is a labor of love for me. The enjoyment I get from writing this blog and the others has been fun. I hoped that my ads would help to cover my cost but so far I haven’t broke even. I just started with Amazon ads and I hope they are of value to you.

Well this is all I have time for now. I hope You do find value here and will tell your friends. the Twitter is danwillie1 and the Hashtags with is site are #america2020us and #USAlivetoday. I am an avid hiker enjoying many of our parks.