California Wants to Secede.

California Wants to Secede

#calexit Many of the California tech industry’s leaders are unhappy with the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. This being Silicon Valley, they’ve come up with an innovative response: Secede from the union.

I left California because they have become the Socialist Republic of California. I watched people votes on referendums and its own constitution under minded by it judges to a point where the bases of law and order were gone. Judges basically do whatever feels good to them at the time.

That same liberal virus has infected Nevada too. It seems like there are many liberals coming here, changing years of tradition, affecting the election process, raising taxes on everyone, and forcing gun control on us.

I do have a suggestion swap Clark county for Tahoe region. That way, all the liberals can console each other. We in Nevada still have a problem with Washoe county, but I think if the state had an invention plan, we could turn them around.

This brings me to my next idea, The formation of city states. Take large areas like LA Las Vegas and San Francisco and make them City States. That way the blue could rule themselves as a city state and the red people of the state could rule the current state. This way we stay a nation but each individual has more control of his/her destiny.calexit