Century Chess Game

Chess Game with Trump, Russia and Deepstate

The endless orchestration of the rules and merit less issues by the #Left and the #deepstate make a formidable chess game. This is a merciless game and a power struggle far greater than we have seen before due to complicit media hounding with fakenews. But so far the winners are not the Left. Trump has been successful in his implementation of promises using his executive powers and keeping focus on accusers.

The pawns are coming from many places and at times some become fighting knights or righteous bishops for a time. But in this game, the knights are sacrificed and the bishops disappear everyday. And queens fall hard to pawns and then become Oblivious. So who is what today.

Today, without question, Trump is King in this chess game. The relentless daily onslaught of arrows requires an armored plated skin only #trump has from his years as a business tycoon and the wisdom of years of manipulating the political class. He knows their game and is slowly checking each move made.

Queen Hillary has been demoted to a pawn. Peloci a bishop with sexgate, trying to fill the vacuum of Queen status. The demoted Democrats are trying to keep there pawn status. Obama, Hillary, A bunch of old big Obama admin left overs pop out from behind a tree and snap an arrow off toward trump and then duck quickly. WAPO, NYT, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS are throwing darts constantly. They try to coordinate there darts and sometimes wound @Potus for a bit. But he been there and gets back on his horse and moves on. CNN the fakenews of the year award.


More Russiagate and WAPO

The Russian’s Chess pieces is the longest running adversary in American history. But this year, they are beating out the Left without trying, even with hands tied behind there back. The left’s smoke and mirrors to cover up bad moves made by last administration are endless and the formation of RussiaGate to cover there tracks and take down #trump are fruitless. And what really bizarre, Russia did far less than the democrats and won much more than any other adversary on this chessboard. By all appearance they could claim bishop or knighthood in American Politics. Stupid is as Stupid does. So in ending the first year of @Potus, I see both Trump and Russia winning in American Politics.

At the World level this game ought to be America vs Adversaries game, or Trump vs Russia. But because of past Administration moves and formation of #Russiagate as a cover up, the balance of power is the Left being checked by Trump and Russia is quietly laughing at American politics. We have hung out our laundry for the world to see.

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again

And in 2020 I hope there is a plan to continue Making America Great Again.