City State as an Alternative

City State as an Alternative to Seceding.

On this post I want to discuss an alternative to seceding. I call it creating City States.

One thing that this election showed us is that the current system misrepresented 50% of the people in America. The Mega Cities across the nation controlled the political and government operations. This election shows use that many people have not been represented across America.

If we create Mega City States, then the states can better represent their Americans at a state level and the mega cities can represent their Americans at a state level. These city states can create constitutions within the limits of USA Constitutions. And there representation would follow current laws.

We would all be under the United States of America. Make America Better for the Future. This is an idea that could bring balance to American Government and Politics.

I suggest this because the democrats want the new world order, which defeats the ideals of America and many Americans. It seems the cities are what they represent the best. And through there carelessness off power, destroy much of American’s homeland without regard. This is what fueled the anger from the heart of America. City Democrats want more of everything from the government all the time. Its almost like they want the Government to crash and burn to usher in the world order. Those of us in the heartland want each individual to be treated with respect, honesty and allowed the liberty granted by the constitution. Party is less an issue. Our Neighbors’ well being is more an issue.

Red Map 2016

Red Map 2016

I lived in the SF Bay Area for 15 years and found all Republicans causalities of Democratic machine, never winning at anything. So I left the party. As an independent I only get to vote when they let me in Nevada. If you view the map above, you will see Clark County (Los Vegas) carried the whole state of Nevada for democrats, But 90% of the state was for Trump. This is why I suggest we need to balance the power and make mega cities states. Allow state to represent all the people in that state. And Mega Cities to represent all the people in the Mega City and at a state level.