America in 2020

Good Morning America in 2020

Danwillie here. I invite you to this site. We have a copy of the important America’s founding  documents and articles of Thomas Jefferson, John Adam and Ben Franklin.
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Then of course, I have my opinion on thing I think will affect us by 2020. Some may say I am a bit negative.  Just a realist. History show what happens when countries over extend themselves beyond reality. They fall and usually hard. With the current political tone of this country, most American want all they can get from the government and hell what is affordable and American.

We are constantly being bombard by twisted facts, such as environmental issue. We here in Nevada know the earth is changing.temperature wise. You see we use to have more bigger lakes, but for the past 2 centuries our temperature has been rising and we have been getting less rain. I had nothing to do with man. It does have to do with the sun and earths constant changing climate.

So here at Good Morning America in 2020 Reviews and Opinions I just want you to be aware of the opinion that is main stream, but is based sixty years of experiences in what was a free nation based on principles established 2 hundred years ago. The mantra of the other side is not based on reason, but to take and control. Here at America in 2020 is to adhere and reinforce established principles.

So based on the events of the day I don’t think we will be the same nation. I used to think Red Dawn  was far fetch and couldn’t happen in our nation. I re watched the movie last week its one scenario that could happen by 2020. So do read on and I hope you enjoy it.

My personal belief is God is in control and he has a plan. I personally don’t think America will be in that plan in the future.

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Good Morning America in 2020