Huf Post White Wash

Huf Post White Wash

What a white wash article this is. I am certain this is a liberal progressive Politian’s wealth re-distribution, just like the Green movement, Obama care, and the many other give a ways. This article is smoke and mirrors to place the blame on business, just as every progressive person is busy doing today. The idea that all banks are self destructive in loaning money is ridiculous. This only has merit with the current administration and has been very busy covering up the facts. Time will show the truth and even as this article came out today, BBC and others see a different story.

And another white wash by Google. I received a message from one my advertisers that they are being penalized for back-linking to my site. I am sorry that my opinion is causing you problems. I hope google changes my status, but I doubt it. Does this mean I am Black listed.

I am an affiliate marketer. We all have been affected by Google games. I can only say this. Freedom of Speech is limited by the big guys. We can just keep trying to get our opinion out.

When I see all that is happening, I thank God, he is in control.

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