PC people at it again

Mother of Three has Provoked a Backlash

Once again California PC police are making it hard for this mother of 3 to protect her family. Read this article below from Townhall 

PC gone amuck

PC gone amuck

FOREST FALLS, Calif. (AP) — A mother of three has provoked a backlash for having a bear shot after it repeatedly broke into her Southern California mountain home.

“I haven’t regretted my decision at all. But the way the people in this town initially responded was initially disheartening,” Julie Faith Strauja told the San Bernardino Sun “I’ve had death threats and my address posted all over social media.”

Strauja moved to this community of about 1,000 in the San Bernardino Mountains last month.

A self-proclaimed animal lover, she became worried after a bear repeatedly entered her home two weekends ago.

“It had already come into my house Friday night and then again broke into my kitchen early Saturday morning and attacked my dog,” Strauja told the Sun.

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