Sedition of Adam Schiff

Is It Sedition Yet?

First, I am just one American observing the actions in the political theater of the Trump Presidency. To me the actions appear to be planned and premeditated by people on the left attempting to thwart the agenda of @potus any way possible.

We now know beyond any doubt that America was about to be taken over by the left when Hillary lost. I personally think that this was an intervention by God himself to save our nation from an inevitable collapse that would have happened by 2020 for sure. Below shows a Cartoon list by Ben Garrison of possible contenders for Adam Schiff’s position as chief sedition er. As always, well done Ben.

They all did it???? Ben Garrison

They all did it???? Ben Garrison

Today, Trey Gowdy was on fire about what I think is one of the primary players in this conspiracy against the president. Below is that tweet. This leads to an article in the by Chuck Ross

Gowdy accused Democrats of prejudging the investigations into possible collusion between the trump campaign and Kemlin…..

Mr Gowdy is a careful legal minded man with his words. But from what I have seen, Mr Schiff is one of the most active leaders in this action against the President. In fact he appears 24×7 implementing plans to unseat this president on several failed maneuvers. The latest is impeachment based on Mr Wolfe’s dreamed up book. For once CBSnews- Norah O’Donnell destroyed Wolfe’s credibility. Use the link in twitter page to get to video. The words in the tweet don’t cover what in the video.

Here  is the Youtube video with Trey Gowdy.

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5 years I started because I honestly thought America as we knew it, was going to be gone by 2020. That has changed maybe. If the Trump Agenda continues to move forward, we may be able to make a comeback and redirect America back to our core values. But each day is a fight and that why I continue to write in this blog. Since Donald Trump has taken the helm, We have seen how the Obama administration had set Hillary to take over and continue to destroy everything America stood for.

  • He destroyed our military capabilities.
  • Gave millions to Iran and Hezbollah to wage war against America
  • Allow Hillary to run a pay for Play scam against America
  • Sold our Uranium to Russia and made more Pay for Play
  • Corrupted our FBI
  • Tried to throw an American election to Hillary. (too bad we all hated her)
  • On and On

The Trump agenda is a huge change of direction and there are many forces in this country and the world that want to stop it all cost. Adam Schiff is one of the leaders to stop Trump. He has an endless orchestrated plan to removed Trump from office. That is why I call it Sedition.