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Hello I am danwillie the author and editor of this site, Dan Frantz owns the site. I am also the webmaster of:

Dan Frantz Owns

Dan Frantz owns sites at different stages of development and can be available for sale. The only assets are hours of website design, domains and hosting accounts. and servers. Liabilities are Zero.

This is one of many sites designed and implemented by Dan Frantz. In travel we have Burney Falls Trailer Resort and Trek Across USA. In Real Estate we have Real Estate Burney. In Medical We have Sastry MD and Center for Eye Care. We have many informational sites America in 2020, website flyer, online help live, danwillie, In Retail we have Lockum or Lock-um, license plate, locking license plate store,stores 2020.

If you are interested in getting websites that rank well and placed well contact dan frantz at SolarSunset Inc.

Sites of Interest