The Big Letter Media Outlets are Crashing

The big Letter Media Outlets are Crashing from the lies told.

All over the web Democrat talking heads are exploding with the turn on of the Clinton investigation 

Exploding Talking Head War Zone

Exploding Talking Head War Zone

and the big letter media outlets are disintegrating from the collapse of their journalism. Soon they will be irrelevant pushing up daisies. There lies are falling apart and Trump is winning despite there efforts to destroy him. Newt G and Hannity discuss in the YouTube video below about Podesta email time and much more.

The discussion below covers time table of Podesta email on “Dump all those Emails” 2 days before subpoena from congress and much, much more. This video shows sources for conclusions too.

Hannity 11/01/16 W Sean Hannity Wikileaks Bombshell: , Clinton Aide To ‘Dump All Those Emails’

To those of you who are listening to the Big letter medias for your cool aide, open your eyes up by watch something of value or read something from,, and other online sources. Below, is another good story from Newsmax!

FBI Director James Comey reopened the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails last week because “almost 100” agents threatened to resign before next week’s election, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told Newsmax TV.