We are Now a One Party Country

We are Now a One Party Country

Ted Cruz wins Wisconsin. Another nail in Trump coffin.  The Times said Priebus “has also let it be known that he does not plan to let the Trump campaign take over the party apparatus if he captures the nomination.

Breaking News at Newsmax.com https://www.newsmax.com/Headline/reince-priebus-turn-over-rnc/2016/04/01/id/721909/#ixzz44dXx3qRa

The Republican party is disintegrating before our eyes, Trump voters have been disenfranchised from the Republican. The established republican party has told those wanting Trump have no vote even if they win at 1237.

Even though Trump is not my man. This is wrong in so many fronts, I don’t see how America will survive going down this path.

So the republican party is on its way to self destructing. With Cruz winning Wisconsin, the established Republicans will prevent Trump from winning. This will divide the party giving Clinton the win. And it will end any standing for the Republican party for several years. This election is already decided.

You need to be aware of what Thomas Jefferson said. Many of his quotes are contained in this website.

Dan Frantz

Just a word on political affiliation. I left the Republican Party many years ago in California. It was and is the most useless party I have ever seen. So I am independent. Three years ago I moved to Nevada. In my first election the Republicans appeared to be in control and ready to win. So I voted for Republican. Less than a year later Nevada had the greatness tax increase in Nevada history on Businesses and others. I got a slap again, I had a C Corp. They tripled my cost for that C corp. Yesterday I close that C Corp.

The control on cost of corporations and business licensing was also the primary reason I moved to Nevada. But I found out that Nevada is a one party state and taxes will go up every year. I call it, California Liberalized Virus. Its happening all over the USA with no limits. I think many of the people in the Trump party have been burnt like me.

We are Now a One Party Country